Freshbuzz cleaners provide professional services for residential, commercial and investment properties.

   Over 15 years experience in the cleaning industry, serving central Columbus and its surroundings. New machinery and techniques ensure thorough cleaning at an affordable price with guaranteed satisfaction. Ample time is given to all our cleaning assignments, We don't compromise on service in order to get to the next appointment. 

   The introduction of the "The Double clean process"; the innovation of encapsulation cleaning technology and Hot water ( Steam ) extraction from truck mounted equipment, the manufactures solution for long term carpet maintenance. The most effective, cost-efficient, and safest way to maintain incredible carpet appearance. You simply cannot rush a good cleaning. Twin cylindrical rotating brushes, agitate carpet nap to accelerate emulsifiers, . The Smart Care  agitators carry the solution deep into the fibers, scrubbing each tuft in multiple directions while lifting and opening the pile at the same time Our method of cleaning delivers benefits with every square foot we clean. The goal is to keep the carpet clean and maintain a consistent appearance level at the lowest possible cost.

There is no fast and furious approach to carpet cleaning, We don't rush through your home,,,blowing STEAM.  Our professional technicians will gladly listen to your concerns, thoroughly and effectively ensure quality cleaning.

Carpet cleaning services are provided at $30.00 per area with an area being any room up to 200sqft. (two areas as the minimum)

Expert in stains, spots & odor removal ( RED & PET STAINS ).

Double clean process, steam & counter rotating brush machine.

The Smart care system

  • Removes hair and debris vacuums and wands can’t get out.

  • Higher quality cleaning and far faster drying times.

  • Lifts the pile which places the fibers in an optimal position for a single pass rinsing with the wand.


Dry Cleaning: When color-fastness is an issue.

Groom carpet to promote drying and enhance appearance

Thorough Cleaning with No Residues and removes all contaminants such as. . .
Bad Odors
Bio Contaminants
Body Contaminants (spit, snot, sneezing, skin flakes, hair, etc.)
Chemical Contamination
Dust Mites
Food Particles
Grease / Oil Deposits
Microscopic Pollutants
Outdoor Pollutants
Pet Urine, Pet Feces, Pet Odors
Volatile Organic Compounds

Additional fees may apply to very soiled carpets , extra stains removal and conditions that require extra labor force.

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