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starting at

$35 per area

An area is defined as any room or space up to 200 sqft. Minimun of 2 areas.

Freshbuzz cleaners, our double clean process goes unmatched comparing to other carpet cleaning companies. We approach each carpet cleaning job differently as we base our prespray, stain treatment, water temperature and pressure on the type of carpet in progress , fibers resiliency, and conditions. We focus more on the agitaion part of the cleaning by brushing carpet after pre spary and stains pre treatment with our counter rotating brushes ( CRB).  This process breaks the soil/ dirt loose from the carpet fibers ( soil suspense), lifts the pile which places the fibers in an optimal position for (steam extraction) hot water rinsing with the truck-powered equipment.

  • Expert in stains, spots & odor removal (Red & pet stains).

  • Most updated van powered steam extraction  & counter rotating brush machine.​​

  • Removes hair and debris that vacuums and wands can’t get out.

  • High quality cleaning and fast drying times.

  • Lifts the pile which places the fibers in an optimal position for a single pass rinsing with the wand.

  • Dry Cleaning: When color fastness is an issue. we groom carpet to promote drying and  enhance appearance.

  • Thorough Cleaning with No Residues and removes all contaminants such as:

  • Allergens

  • Asbestos

  • Bacteria

  • Bad Odors

  • Bio Contaminants

  • Body Contaminants (spit, snot, sneezing, skin flakes, hair, etc.)

  • Chemical Contamination

  • Dirt

  • Dust Mites

  • Food Particles

  • Grease / Oil Deposits

  • Microscopic Pollutants

  • Outdoor Pollutants

  • Pesticides

  • Pet Urine, Pet Feces, Pet Odors

  • Sand

  • Soil

  • Stains

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

PS: Additional fees may apply to very soiled carpets, extra stains removal, pet treatment and conditions that require extra labor force.


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